Bilgola Capital

Due Diligence of 11 IT services and hosting companies

LBC Credit Partners

Due diligence on technology government contractor ($61M of revenue)

Non-Profit (Confidential)

Due diligence on a distressed international government contractor ($370M of revenue)


Due diligence on payroll software and hosting company


Due diligence on technical training in receivership


Due diligence on a company providing fiber optic networks

MC Partners

Due diligence on telecommunications-towers and fiber solutions company


Due diligence of Business only ISP /xSP (Storage, Backup, Telephony, etc.)

Vector Capital

Due diligence of talent management IT company ($130M of revenue)

Private Investor (Confidential)

Due diligence on software and services provider for mobile collaboration

Private Company (Confidential)

Due diligence on a structured cabling, fiber optic & utility construction company

Private Company (Confidential)

Due diligence on cyber security government contractor

Private Company (Confidential)

Due diligence on a space surveillance technology company

Private Company (Confidential)

Due diligence on a cyber, software, information assurance and engineering government contracting technology company

Business Development Corporation of America

Lending due diligence on software and services mobile collaboration

Disclaimer Note: Certain transactions listed above were effective by principals of Farrell Advisory prior to the date they joined the firm

June 22, 2019

"Despite what the experts say, valuing a business is a blend of science and art. Valuations can be relatively objective when dealing with validated profit numbers but are highly subjective when arguing a multiple. Below are pointers on how to sell your business well first time and justify a higher multiple." Read More