Led over 170 corporate finance transactions with revenue exceeding $70 billion

Across multiple sectors and countries with companies ranging from small to very large, from family-owned to publicly listed, from local to multinational corporations.

Cradle to Grave Corporate Finance Experience: From strategy, preparing and maximizing the valuation of business before sale/raising finance, project management, and negotiation, due diligence, merger-integration/carve-outs, M&A to restructuring and engineering a non-performing business.

Private Equity Firms



Disclaimer Note: Certain transactions listed above were effective by principals of Farrell Advisory prior to the date they joined the firm

June 22, 2019

"Despite what the experts say, valuing a business is a blend of science and art. Valuations can be relatively objective when dealing with validated profit numbers but are highly subjective when arguing a multiple. Below are pointers on how to sell your business well first time and justify a higher multiple." Read More