Sale of UK pension software business


Sale of Lynx group plc, listed on UK stock market, to Skandia ($500M of revenue)


Sale of Lynx Automotive to US listed business


Sale of Lynx Ascent technology

Expertise Training

Reverse take-over and raising of $3M equity on UK AIM for a technical IT training business

Service Government Contractor (Confidential)

Financial Advisor for sale of minority shareholding


Assessment and implementation of improvements and structuring a government contractor for sale

IR Technologies

Assessment, accounting and structuring of transaction for MBO

International Listed Health and Retail Company (Confidential)

Financial Advisor for $50M fund raising


Carve-out & quality of earnings of Branded Apparel divisions ($4.5B revenue)

Sale of Tele-Works

Advisor to Board for sale of electronic billing, payment, and communication services company

Dawsongroup plc

Carve out of Volvo Distributorship representing 50% of business


Carve-out & pro-forma cost base & sell-side due diligence ($1.3B revenue, Chapter 11)


Carve-out of Olefins, derivatives and refining group ($25B revenue)

Equipment Government Contractor (Confidential)

Valuation and assessment of company and structuring for sale purposes

Disclaimer Note: Certain transactions listed above were effective by principals of Farrell Advisory prior to the date they joined the firm

June 22, 2019

"Despite what the experts say, valuing a business is a blend of science and art. Valuations can be relatively objective when dealing with validated profit numbers but are highly subjective when arguing a multiple. Below are pointers on how to sell your business well first time and justify a higher multiple." Read More